5 years nethotels.com: An Austrian Tourism-site celebrates its anniversary


NetHotels.com was founded in 1995 by Hans J. Pfisterer and his wife Brigitte Pfisterer and has established itself as “the Austrian tourism platform”.

Today, the client is able to choose between 12.000 hotels worldwide.

“Courage and our spirit of innovation made it possible to establish the “NetHotels ReServer” as an online booking and marketing platform in the national and international markets. The key to success is the full integration of both information and service. The reservation platform offers the client a variety of booking services as well as information about the individual regions, on 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day”, describes CEO Hans J. Pfisterer the concept.

To offer the client the highest possible standard of both service and quality, NetHotels believe in the permanent improvement of its products and services as well as the hotel and office networking through regular communication.

The main areas of investment are the further development of the booking software, the provision of links to city maps and country maps and the creation of a travel magazine.

Today, NetHotels.com has 18 offices in 11 countries and continues the international expansion by opening new offices worldwide.

Today, clients are able to book accommodation at 12.000 hotels. Additionally, NetHotels.com offers numerous communities that had been established with the help of all NetHotels.com member hotels.

“This local knowledge of our partner hotels is incorporated in all our product packages in order to provide specific and detailed information to our clients on the region they are interested in”, emphasizes Hans J. Pfisterer.

Currently, the NetHotels ReServer contains three features: ReServer Online, ReServer Book and ReServer Office.

With ReServer Online (http://www.nethotels.com) the client has the possibility to choose from a wide range of criteria to select his preferred hotel quickly with a few mouseclicks, without having to invest time and money for telephone-calls or mail-services. ReServer Book can also be used by Incoming Agencies. Several search criteria allow the quick search for suitable offers for the individual client. The booking is then sent online via email or via fax within seconds. NetHotels ReServer Book enables tourism partners to use and access the comprehensive available database professionally and independently.

ReServer Office stores a variety of data, ranging from room categories to special offers. This data guarantees the hotel a individual presentation on the Internet. . Prices and availabilities are up-dated regularly.

Tourism organisations like the Vienna Tourist Board already use the NetHotels ReServer tools very successfully.