“NetHotels.com reflects on the year that was.

NetHotels.com presents the new NetHotels Technology - ReServer 3.0

Thuesday, 20. February 2001, at Radisson SAS Palais Hotel, Vienna

NetHotels.com: Announces a Record Year in 2000 with more than 14.500 Hotels and Accommodation facilities now online bookable.

Austrian based online Hotel reservation software developer, NetHotels.com, reflects upon a highly successful year 2000. Following 5 years of perseverance, NetHotels.com is now operating in all 9 Austrian Federal States, 8 different European Countries, Eastern Africa and Costa Rica. The USA was also launched in early February 2001 with the introduction of NetHotels Florida. There are currently 14,500 hotel and accommodation facilities which are bookable online either in "real-time" or on request or by contacting the local call center. In total, NetHotels.com is located in 12 Countries, 32 Destinations and employs 70 people. Currently there are 19 Call Centers located throughout the online bookable regions. Each of which being managed by a "local expert" providing local assistance for both the clients and the Hotels in the region, 24 hours per day 7 days per week. In addition to providing assistance for hotel bookings, each local call is able to arrange information and booking support for local Congresses, Events, and Exhibitions.

Established in 1995, Expansion from 9 to 32 Destinations throughout 2000
Company owners Hans Jürgen Pfisterer and Dip-Eng. Brigitte Pfisterer NetHotels.com established NetHotels.com in 1995 with the initial ReServer 1.0. In 1996, the first region, Vienna, featuring 660 "online bookable" hotels was launched. In 1997, following a successful International tendering process, NetHotels.com was awarded the contract to supply the Vienna Tourist Board with Hotel Reservation software. This was the start of an extremely successful cooperation between the 2 Viennese organisations. Since then, further co-operations with A1.net (local mobile telephone provider), Astronaut (well known Austrian search engine), leithammel.de (German online hotel guide), keyzone.at (Austrian Lifestyle Portal), and the Berlin Exhibition Center have resulted directly from the recent expansion of the NetHotels international network. 1998 saw the inclusion of the first Austrian regions Salzburg and Tyrol.
Following a solid consolidation phase, during 1999 Nethotels commenced an International expansion phase resulting in booking possibilities for London and Budapest. The outstanding success throughout 2000 has meant that the NetHotels Network boasts an almost 400% growth rate over the past year (1999: 3 Countries, 9 Destinations - 2000: 12 Countries, 32 Destinations.

1998 - 2000: 400% increase in Booking Volume
Between 1998 and 2000 NetHotels achieved an overwhelming 400% increase in Booking Volume. In December 2000 alone, NetHotels achieved a 25% increase in overall turnover as a direct result of a successful international expansion program.

On average, 30% of all bookings made through the Nethotels Network come directly from "real-time" online bookings whereby the client makes the booking by himself, 30% result from the client requesting a booking through the call center, and the remainder come from bookings by phone or fax directly to the call center. On average, the NetHotels International Network receives approximately 1.1 million page views per month.

NetHotels.com in Austria: 100% increase in booking volume for the year 2000
During 2000 and January of 2001, NetHotels.com continued its' dedication to the Austrian travel market with the addition of he last of the Austrian States. Now it is possible to reserve more than 8,500 hotels and accommodation facilities in all 9 Austrian states (Vienna, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Tyrol, Burgenland and Vorarlberg) online. The combination of the NetHotels Call Centers and the online network means that NetHotels.com is the first online reservation system in Austria to offer complete coverage in all regions. The booking turnover for 2000 was approx. 50 million Austrian Schillings, meaning an overall increase of 100% compared to that in 1999.

NetHotels.com Europe: 1999 UK and Hungary
The international expansion of NetHotels.com commenced in 1999 when the first international destinations of Hungary and London were introduced. In 2000, Costa Rica, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and East Africa were added to the international network of NetHotels Destinations. The European destinations offer approx. 10,000 hotels available. Of those, about 10% are "Nethotels Partners" meaning that the hotels themselves maintain the availability and hotel details directly online.

NetHotels.com Germany: 1.300 Hotels on offer!
In Germany, NetHotels may be found in the regions of Berlin, Northrhein West-Phalia, Bavaria (Munich), Hamburg, Hessen (Frankfurt) and Lower Saxony (Bremen). In these 6 German Federal States, currently 1,300 hotels are available, and 10% of which are NetHotels Partners. Throughout the later part of 2000, NetHotels Berlin and the Berlin Exhibition Center, established a cooperation enabling the Berlin Exhibition Center to offer hotels in the Berlin area to national and international visitors attending exhibitions and Congresses in Berlin. The Berlin Exhibition Center has chosen to utilize not only the online "ReServer" system but also the complete range of services that NetHotels offer, including the local Berlin Call Center. Further co-operations are planned firstly for Hamburg and then the rest of the German regions.

NetHotels in the UK: 3.000 Hotels available online
From the commencement of operations in the UK during 1999, Nethotels has been more than impressed with its partners and activities. The London Hotel market requires that prices and availability be continually adjusted to reflect daily variances. The majority of bookings through the NetHotels system come from guests requiring hotel rooms, 1-2 days ahead of the booking date. NetHotels can personally cater for these bookings due to the staff and the effectiveness of the "Local Call Center" situated in London. Direct contact can be made directly with the hotel and confirmation may be received within minutes of the request being made. Following the overwhelming success of London in 2000, NetHotels UK will extend its' services throughout the regions in North and South England. Currently there are 3,000 hotels which may be booked either online or on request.

NetHotels France: 1100 Available
The establishment of the daughter company NetHotels France has been nothing but positive. The French regions of Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg currently have 1,000, hotels 180 of which are online partners. In February, the largest independent Paris Hotel Group - Elysées West Hotels (EWH)- agreed to join the NetHotels International group of cooperation partners. The first 3-year contract will see EWH fully integrate the NetHotels ReServer Technology into its' own infrastructure, thereby adopting it as its own Central Reservation System for head office. 88 EWH Partner hotels are now bookable online through NetHotels Paris, bringing the total to just over 4,000 hotel rooms per day in Paris. By the end of 2001, this number is expected to increase dramatically. The regions of Bordeaux, Toulouse, Cannes and Nice will be added to the online Network throughout the following months.

NetHotels in Spain: 230 Hotels Online
NetHotels.com has been since Autumn 2000 offering hotels and accommodation facilities throughout Spain. Today, 230 hotels in Madrid and Barcelona are online bookable, and by mid 2001, an unbelievable 100% coverage of Spain is planned. In January 2001, NetHotels Spain attended the largest Spanish tourism fair in Madrid - FITUR - increasing its' awareness of the "Next Generation of Hotel Reservation Software" throughout the Spanish tourism and hotel industry. Following the fair, partnerships with AC Hoteles and Corporacion Hispano Hotelera have recently been signed making their hotel chains bookable through the NetHotels Reservation System.

NetHotels in Portugal: 100% Coverage
Since its launch in September 2000, NetHotels Portugal has offered an almost 100% coverage of Portugal hotels through the online cooperation with the "Portugal Hotel guide" making NetHotels Portugal the largest online hotel reservation system in Portugal. 50-70 reservation enquiries and bookings arrive at the local call center in Lisbon daily. The ratio of enquiries to eventual bookings has bought the overall NetHotels ratio from 1 to 1.8.

NetHotels Commences the USA: Start in Florida
In February 2001, NetHotels North America Inc commenced operations in the southern American state of Florida. With already over 2,000 hotels in its' database, Nethotels Florida is now the largest online hotel booking system in Florida. A joint venture has been established in conjunction with the successful American Tourism Company - 800 Travel Systems to offer hotel and accommodation facilities online. CEO and Chairman of 800 Travel, Mr. Peter Sontag was recently appointed board member of NetHotels AG. NetHotels North America Inc plans expansion in other American Federal States - New York, Washington DC, California and Colorado. One of the largest advantages for NetHotels North America Inc is certainly the infrastructure developed throughout many European destinations.

NetHotels in East Africa and Costa Rica
Hotels in Costa Rica and Eastern Africa have been also, throughout 2000 been added to the NetHotels network. In San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, and some coastal regions, there are 148 hotels bookable through the local call center and online. Naturally the majority of guests originate from the USA. In addition to hotel bookings, packages offering adventure activities eg. Scuba Diving or Jungle Trekking are also bookable. For your holiday in Eastern Africa, hotels and accommodation facilities in Kenya, Tanzania and the Island of Zanzibar are now bookable through the NetHotels Kenya Office or online directly. One of the most popular features through the NetHotels Kenya website, are the booking possibilities for packages featuring Photo safari or Trekking Tours around Kilimandscharo. Flights can easily be booked to Kenya many different points of departure. This is possible through a successful cooperation with the Alda Travel Agency.

NetHotels Signs Contract with SABRE
90% of all Flight reservations are processed through the well-established Global Distribution System (GDS). With 167,000 workstations, the American company SABRE is one of the most important GDS in the world. Through a contract signed between NetHotels and Sabre, most of the hotels featured in the NetHotels database will be available throughout the entire SABRE distribution system worldwide, greatly enhancing the visibility of the NetHotels Hotels.

NetHotels Announces New Booking Technology with ReServer 3.0
The backbone to the success of Nethotels.com has been the ReServer range of software. Developed entirely in-house, initially by Dip. Eng. Brigitte Pfisterer, its' development has proven to be, from its first stages, highly innovative. From March 2001, NetHotels will launch to the market, the "Latest Generation" of ReServer Software, version 3.0. It has been developed in conjunction with Tourism and Information Technology experts and is designed to serve ALL sectors of the Tourism industry. In the new version, not only hotels will be online bookable, but any sector of the industry requiring tickets or services to be sold online.
The first NetHotels region to be issued with the new ReServer 3.0 technology will be Nethotels Styria situated in Southern Austria. NetHotels thus strengthening its grip as an Application Service Provider (ASP) thereby offering the possibility to any Tourism related service provider to cooperate with the Nethotels Network.
By introducing of the "Shopping Cart" module, online packages may be custom made by the client directly online. This means that any number of flights, rental cars, hotel rooms, coach tours or even concert tickets, may be combined online according to individual requirements of each client. A new billing method enabling automatic online credit card verification has also been installed. A new feature has been incorporated allowing the website to be viewable in multiple languages. Even character based Asian languages - Japanese or Chinese - may be viewed. A flexible "state of the art" XML interface has been incorporated in the new version to allow for an effortless conversion of partner sites wishing to utilize the NetHotels Technology, however not jeopardizing the Corporate Image of the potential partner.
The new software will be formerly released at the International ITB Tourism Exhibition in Berlin, Germany - 3rd to 7th March 2001 in Hall 5.1 Stand 12).

Vision 2001 - The Success Story Continues
NetHotels.com will now concentrate of the expansion into other European Countries including Italy, Switzerland, Benelux Region, and Scandinavia. Hong Kong and other countries are being planned. Over the coming months, the NetHotels International Network is striving to reach a 300% increase in bookings. This is thought to be achieved, through the introduction of the ReServer 3.0 Technology, and the cooperation with SABRE.

The Vision
NetHotels.com will become THE Online Reservation System for Europe