Wins International Contract For London Tourist Board


The Austrian Online Tourism Platform,, has recently, despite international competition, been awarded the contract to handle all online bookings and call center operations for the London Tourist Board.

Hans Jürgen Pfisterer, CEO and President of NetHotels AG recently explained: „the deciding factors which set apart from our competitors are that we provide a local presence with “local Experts” available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and operational flexibility due to the in-house developed software technology, “NetHotels ReServer”. The basis for this success is that also won the contract to supply hotel reservation software for the Vienna Tourist Board in 1997.”

Commencing as of the 1st April 2001, all hotel and accommodation bookings and requests for the London Tourist Board, will be handled by NetHotels London. In the first stage, the “local experts” at the NetHotels London Call Center will handle all bookings and requests. All communication with clients and hotels will be conducted through email, phone, or fax. All partners will benefit from the higher level of service provided. Later integration of the ReServer Booking Technology is possible at any time to create a Tourism E-Commerce Platform.

With this cooperation, all 1,100 accredited accommodation facilities will be bookable on request through the NetHotels London website ( The majority of these hotels have been, since the launch of NetHotels UK in 1999 available online. is today situated in 12 countries, 34 destinations and comprises 19 local Call Centers, each of which is available 24 hours a day. Within the last 12 months, has undergone amazing growth, achieving an overwhelming 400% increase in booking turnover. Almost 18,000 are now bookable online by request or direct booking online, and estimates that the overall booking volume will increase by 200-300% compared to last year.