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ReServer Dynamic Packages

...Booking all-inclusive package deals

With the expansion module Dynamic Packages you can offer your customers packages with an interactive array of choices and the ability to book directly online.

As soon as there are multiple providers for a package and the customer must make a decision for every travel component, only a set guidance can lead to a successful booking. This is why ReServer Dynamic Packages takes the products from the Basic Module and offers them in a set sequence, determining the booking process for each component.

In city tourism, ReServer Dynamic Packages uses the combination of musical tickets with overnight stays the most successfully. But maybe you would like to combine a cycle tour with various hotel components or with a boat trip?

You will find yourself in familiar surroundings when managing bookings made through ReServer Dynamic Packages over our Basic Module.

Range of services:
• Back office area to control travel components
• Interactive online booking with detailed information of individual components
• Post-booking editing in back office
• Integration into the ReServer Basic Module
• Data export for accounting

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