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ReServer Prospekt

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The expansion module ReServer Prospekt allows for the efficient processing of brochure requests in the back office and online.

Brochure requests are received over the time-tested booking screen where the cover letters and brochures can then directly be printed out for posting. Or you can mail your collected requests straight to your shipping department for processing. Text fields can be added to or amended in the cover letter as needed.

Just as with hotel requests and bookings, the customer data from brochure requests can be pulled and used for promotional activities. ReServer also manages the stock take of your brochures. The forwarding of individual or collected brochure requests (online or from ReServer) to an internal or external shipper is also possible.

The simplification of your processing is the compelling benefit of the ReServer Brochure module.

Range of services:
• Brochure orders and mailing process online
• Inventory control
• Instant printing for quick distribution
• Individual design of cover letter, customisable through further text fields
• Intigration of user data into the overall ReServer customer database

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