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The expansion module Tickets & Events is an online calendar that presents your events and attractions and makes them available for booking.

Events can be created and presented in different categories, for the same or for varying times and rates and made available daily or only for specific days and times

ReServer has dug deep into their bag of tricks regarding pricing structure. You will find your events listed on your website organised by theme or through a user-friendly search. Tickets will then be bookable with the price corresponding to search criteria, subject to availability.

The module also prepares participant lists and offers printable tickets. Last but not least, ReServer Tickets offers front-desk staff a specialised intranet for the sale of admission tickets.

The logistics of the ticket module are also effectively used for the sale of scheduled sightseeing tours.

Range of services:
• Events calendar
• Presentation of available events for booking through the tourist office
• Customising tickets while booking in the back office or over the front-desk intranet site
• Sale of scheduled sightseeing tours
• Participant lists

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